Mankind’s next technological evolution will be led by AI. We believe everyone should have a say in what that future is. At Raizo, we want to help you realise the magic of AI and imbue you with power to make your own
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Raizo was Conceived to harness a unique moment in Mankindʼs journey. A new future is being sculpted by AI, and we are going to play a major role.

At Raizo, we believe Machine Learning is going to play a fundamental part in shaping our future. We aim to play an integral part, creating new Machine Learning Technologies to solve new problems and augment already existing technologies. Our strong commitment to pushing the edge when it comes to what can be done with Machine Learning ensures, the customer is always satisfied.

Online Classrooms, have democratized access to learning in the digital age. While this enabled many people to learn, We always felt like it was lacking something essential.Even though our trade is AI, we still firmly believe the human element is important. Viewing each student, first as an individual with their particular strengths helps us tailor the course to actualize their potential to the maximum.



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20 Jan 20

Role of AI in Public Policy

AI and Machine Learning is having a resurgence, with advancements in hardware enabling many theoretical conjectures to be brought to life. AI has proven itself to be remarkably powerful and versatile, with successful applications ranging from computer-vision based Face Recognition to languages based tasks like Sentence translation.


  • College and Corporate Training, on-site,with Curriculum
  • Designed as per Requirements
  • Consultancy Services, Specializing in NLP and Computer Vision
  • Consultancy and Services for Setting up an AI Institute